Re-opening Updates

Posted On Tuesday August 31, 2021

As Ontario will be in Step Three of the Roadmap to Re-open indefinitely we have cautiously re-opened as many of our outdoor facilities as may be allowed, while being in compliance with all regulations and restrictions required under the Three-Step Provincial re-opening plan and provincial government Step Three Regulation O. Reg 364/20.

Re-opened outdoor recreation amenities include the tennis & pickleball courts and sports field at Wilson Park, the playgrounds at the Wilson Park and Glen Alda Community Centres, the boat launches, and the public beaches at Chandos and Quarry Bay. All of these amenities re-opened at various times with restrictions.

The NKCC Fitness Centre re-opened on Monday, July 19th (with restrictions) and The Township will gradually re-open the North KawarthaWilson Park, and Glen Alda Community Centres in the weeks after Labour Day, which means the return of some indoor programs and/or services including the NKCC Ice Surface, Minor hockey, Adult hockey, Figure Skating lessons, and some Public Skating, but with the cautionary note that every event will have restrictions and protocols that must be adhered to, as with the Fitness Centre. For example, the NKCC Ice Surface and Banquet Hall will open Monday, September 13th, and in spite of the perception that everything is “wide open”, that simply is not the case.

Please see the attached poster for more information and a general list of what to expect if you attend an event at our Township facilities. Or visit our COVID-19 and Bulletin Board pages.