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Public Infrastructure
Well and Wastewater Systems
All Township residents and businesses operate on private wells, and septic systems. The Township does not operate a municipal water or wastewater system.  For more information please view our Wells and Septic Systems page
  • Ministry of Transportation (MTO) - Highway 28 is the main thoroughfare that carries goods and people throughout the Township. Highway 28 is owned, operated, and maintained by the MTO.
  • County Road System – The County of Peterborough owns, operates, and maintains several arterial roadways in the Township including, but not limited to County Roads 620, 620A, 504, 6, 54 (Northey’s Bay Road), and 52 (Jack Lake Road).
  • Municipal Road System – The Township of North Kawartha owns, operates, and maintains several roadways in the Township including McFadden Road, Mount Julian / Viamede Road, and Anstruther Lake Road.  Municipally owned roadways are available on our Road Names listing
  • Airport – The closest airport to North Kawartha that accepts private passenger planes and cargo is the Peterborough Municipal Airport. The closest airports for regional and international passenger travel operate out of Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston Airports. 
Electricity distribution is provided by Hydro One. Hydro One is responsible for operating and maintaining the Townships electricity system.
Secondary (High Schools)

High schools are located in Peterborough and Bancroft.

Student Transportation
Student Transportation Services of Central Ontario
 Post-Secondary Institutions
  • Trent University – Trent University is located in the North end of Peterborough, Ontario. The University provides undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide field of studies. The University is a 35 to 60-minute drive, depending on where you live in the Township.
  • Fleming College – Fleming College is located in the southwest end of Peterborough. Fleming College provide a variety of academic and apprenticeship programs. Fleming College is a 45 to 70-minute drive depending on where you live in the Township. Fleming College also operates satellite campuses in Haliburton and Lindsay.
Post Offices
The Township of North Kawartha has (2) Canada Post outlets. (1) in Aplsey located on Burleigh Street, and (1) at the Woodview General Store on Highway 28.
Community Centres

The Township of North Kawartha owns and operates (3) Community Centers  

Each Community Centre offers different levels of recreational and community programming. The NKCC is home to The Township’s NHL Regulation Sized Ice Pad and Fitness Centre. The NKCC hosts most recreation and league sports in the Township.

The Township rents out community centers to the public for various reasons such as weddings, functions, festivals, events, and clubs. Rental Information for Township facilities is available.

North Kawartha Public Library has 2 branches to serve the needs of our residents and visitors.  The main branch is located in Apsley at 175 Burleigh Street.  It is open year round, 5 days a week and offers a wide variety of services such as books, DVDs, computer courses, children’s programming, maintaining local historical records, free public internet access, printing, faxing, scanning and more.
Public Boat Launches

There are many public access points (boat launches or landings) throughout North Kawartha. They are listed in alphabetical order below:

  • Anstruther Lake - Anstruther Lake Road, south shore (within The Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Provincial Park
  • Big Cedar Lake - at the end of Haultain Road 

    • Big Cedar Lake - at the end of Julian Lake Road

  • Chandos Lake - 2929 County Road 620 
    • Chandos Lake - Mac Bullied Road
    • Chandos Lake - at the end of McCauley Road, South Bay
  • Coon Lake - Fire Route 44
  • Eels Lake - Eels Lake Landing Road, south shore 
  • Jack Lake - via the boundary road between Havelock- Belmont-Methuen and Burleigh
  • Lasswade Lake - McCauley Road
  • Loon Call Lake - within The Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Provincial Park
  • Long Lake - within The Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Provincial Park
  • Stoney Lake - wharf at the end of Mt. Julian Road
  • Tallan Lake - on Tallan Lake Road
  • Wolf Lake - within The Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Provincial Park

Please Note:
Weather, water levels and amount of use may affect how easy it will be to use each Boat Launch. Four-wheel drive or a pick-up truck may be needed in certain conditions.

Zebra Mussels
You should wash the hull of your boat before launching to prevent the spread of Zebra Mussels.

Private Infrastructure
  • Railroad - Canadian Pacific Rail (CP) owns and operates the Blue Mountain Subdivision that passes through the eastern part of the Township on County Road 6. CP provides freight services to the Uninim Mines. CP rail provides direct freight connections to Toronto and its North American rail network via the Havelock Subdivision.
  • Privately owned roadways – The Township has many privately owned roadways that service mainly seasonal residential properties in the Township. Please contact the Township roads department to confirm ownership of a specific roadway.
Propane and Natural Gas
The township does not have a privately owned natural gas or propane pipeline to serve residential or commercial customers. All propane used as a fuel source for homes and businesses must be stored in tanks on site by the property owner.
Full service, privately owned Marinas and barging services exist on various lakes in the Township including:
  • Stoney Lake
  • Jack Lake
  • Eels Lake
  • Chandos Lake
  • Anstruher Lake
Cellular and Internet Services

Cellular and Internet services are offered in the Township from a variety of private companies. Depending on your location in the Township, cellular services are provided by:

Internet Service are provided by:

Please check with the individual service providers above to confirm available coverage for your residence or business.

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