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Residential Development

The Township of North Kawartha supports the development of new residential housing. The proper mix of housing is critical to ensuring inclusive economic growth for our residents and businesses. Since the onset of COVID19, the Township has seen increased demand for both seasonal and year round properties. The increased demand coupled with the high cost of housing has highlighted the urgent need to increase housing supply in the Township. The Township is committed to seeing the right mix of housing stock built including single family homes, townhomes, duplex/triplex, purpose built rental housing, affordable housing, housing for seniors and those with accessibility needs.

For Developers

If you’re interested in plans of subdivision, severances (consents), purchasing property, or looking to build investment properties for commercial purposes, please contact the Townships Economic Development Officer, Chris Challenger.

For Residents
If you’re interested in building a secondary unit on your property, thinking about a severance (consent) to create a new lot, or developing a vacant lot, please contact the Township's Planner.

Official Plan
An Official Plan sets policies for guiding proper land use and development in the community. The Official Plan outlines where residential, industrial and commercial areas are contemplated. The County of Peterborough Official Plan functions as the lower tier Official Plan for the Township as well as three other municipalities in the County. A copy of the County of Peterborough Official Plan is available below.
The County of Peterborough is currently undergoing a comprehensive review of its official plan. Details on the Official Plan review and information on public participation can be found here.

Greater Golden Horseshoe Plan
In addition to the County of Peterborough’s Official Plan, the Township is also subject to the Province of Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth plan. A copy of the plan is available below.

Provincial Policy Statement (PPS)

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) is a consolidated statement of the government's policies on land use planning. It gives provincial policy direction on key land use planning issues that affect communities, such as: efficient use and management of land and infrastructure. 


Crowe Valley Conservation Authority (CVCA)

The Crowe Valley Conservation Authority has jurisdiction over Chandos ward within the Township of North Kawartha. Comprehensive Zoning By-law amendments, minor variance applications and all building and sewage system applications must be vetted through the CVCA before a permit from the Township of North Kawartha be can be issued. 

Innovation in Housing
The Township supports new, innovative methods to increase housing supply. As an example, Township staff are currently working on a draft by-law that would allow for the use of shipping containers as building material for habitable dwellings. If you’re interested in using shipping containers as building material for the construction of a habitable dwelling, please contact the Township’s Chief Building Official, Travis Toms, for additional information.

The Township of North Kawartha recognizes the important role that partnerships play in expanding economic growth in the Township. The Township can offer marketing and communications support for arts, culture, music, sports and recreational events held in the Township. The Township can also support you in securing grant funding through several provincial and federal organizations. Please contact the Townships Economic Development Officer, Chris Challenger, for more information.

Check back soon for upcoming sponsorship opportunities in the Township!

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