What is 211?

211 is an information and referral service that provides people in Ontario information on community and social services. When you dial 211 you will be connected with a certified information and referral specialist who has been trained to assess your needs, accurately answer your questions and advise you about programs and services  that are best for you and your loved ones. 211 is available to all residents of Ontario and is free, confidential, multilingual and available 24/7. You can also search 211 services online

Other Helpful Resources:

View Community Connection, 211 East and Central Ontario 

How can 211 help during an emergency?

211 is not an emergency response number and does not replace 911. 211's main role would be to maximize the public's access to community resources by responding via telephone, internet, TTY to requests for information.  During an emergency or disaster 211 provides referrals to services to meet needs created by the disaster. Please see the links below to learn more about how 211 can help during a disaster or emergency.

211 and Emergency Response/Recovery

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