Cottage and Lake Associations

North Kawartha Lakes Association

NORKLA is an umbrella association that represents the majority of cottage lakes in North Kawartha Township. The purpose of the organization is:

  • To share lake concerns, issues and expertise
  • Promote the protection of our lakes
  • Act as liaison with organizations and to act on lake concerns

Doug Wellman

North Kawartha Cottage and Lake Associations

Anstruther Lake Cottager's Association:  Doug Wellman;

Big Cedar Lake: Brian Stock; or

Chandos Lake Property Owners Association:  David Cooper;

Clear Stoney White Lakes Environmental Council:  Rob Little;

Coon Lake : Doug Sinclair;

Eels Lake Cottagers:  Peter Tolev;

Jack Lake Association:  Tim Cork;

Julian Lake: TBA

Long Lake, Loucks Lake Cottager's Association: Steve McLean;

Looncall Lake Cottager's Association: Marg Colquhoun;

Lower Stoney Lake: Julian Pope:

Upper Stoney Lake: USLA President, Peter Watson;

Wolf Lake Cottage Association:  Doug Lawrence;

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