Heritage Properties

In 1999, the Township entered into an heritage agreement to conserve the historical paintings located at the Mount Julian Inn. The painted wall and building is considered to be of historic value and interest. The paintings are reported to have been painted by Captain John Clague in the 1870's.

In 2000 the Township designated St. Mary's Catholic Church, located in the former Township of Chandos, as an historical site.

Lang Pioneer Village is home to the Glen Alda Church which was originally built on land near the hamlet of Glen Alda, in the former Chandos Township. The Church was important to settlers as it was where they met to worship, hold community events and exchange news with their neighbours.

The Petroglyphs Provincial Park located in the Township of North Kawartha on Northey's Bay Road just 11 kilometres off Highway 28 in Woodview is designated as a National Historic Site and provincially owned heritage property.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport provides Provincial Heritage Information.

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