Support in Response to Sayers Fire

You do not need to be a client of either agency to use either of these services.
 Community Care
Community Care - or (705) 656-4589

Community Care will continue to support the grocery needs through our volunteer transportation program. We would like to remind you that free transportation services related to food security are in effect until we have a new grocery store, and encourage our community members to reach out if needed. We do require 2 business days’ notice to schedule a drive, and if assistance in planning is needed for shopping trips, our staff and volunteers are happy to help.  Call our Apsley office - (705)656-4589 or email through this link here  

Supports Available

  •  Shopping buddies are ready to help too.
    • If someone needs assistance getting their groceries, we have some volunteers who are ready to assist with this too.
  •  Frozen Meals on Wheels options
    • Made available for anyone with an immediate need.  We have frozen meals in our freezer and we can make them available to anyone who needs immediate support.

 For more information about these supports or have a special request, call our office - (705)656-4589 or email through this link here. 

Press Releases and Informational Links (from
April 2021 - Be A Lifeline - Donor Newsletter 
January 26th, 2021 - Mayor Carolyn Amyotte's Update with Sarah McCall - Community Development Coordinator Interview
Published on Jan 20, 2021 - By Josh Sherman - TVO - What Happens When A Community Becomes A Food Desert 

Tuesday, January 18th, 2021 - Community Care Provides Greater Ease

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020 - Community Care Remains A Lifeline in North Kawartha Organizing Free Transportation 

Thursday, December 10th, 2020 - North Kawartha Township Responds to Sayers Fire

Monday, December 7th, 2020  -  Community Care Will Be A Lifeline and Asks For Assistance

To Donate

 North Kawartha Food Bank

North Kawartha Food Bank - or (705) 656-1748

The North Kawartha Food Bank continues to provide food for residents who need it. To access this service, please call the North Kawartha Food Bank (705) 656-1748.

“More than ever before, we have seen our community come together to support each other,” said Mayor Carolyn Amyotte, “I want residents to know that we are working every day to understand and address the needs of our community as the situation evolves.”

The Township will post updates to this page on the reconstruction of Sayers Foods as more details become available.

For further inquiries, please contact Chris Challenger, Economic Development Officer (705) 656-5152 or Alana Solman, Chief Administrative Officer (705) 656-5192




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