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Information on Snowmobile trails may be obtained through the OFSC. The local snowmobile clubs in our area are:

The County of Peterborough Active Transportation Master Plan

The 2014 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) developed a conceptual active transportation/cycling network for Peterborough County that identified both on-road and off-road (trail) active transportation facilities. This was a coarse network based on the existing trails and off-road routes located in Peterborough County and the City of Peterborough. However, that plan was conceptual and has been refined in coordination with municipalities and stakeholders as part of developing a County-wide Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP).

The Township of North Kawartha is a rural setting covering approximately 765 square kilometres and is dotted with small hamlets. It has been described as a jewel of Central Ontario and a gateway to the Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, Petroglyphs Provincial Park and unspoiled freshwater lakes. The rugged landscape and breathtaking scenery makes this area an exciting destination for cyclists, hikers and paddlers of all ages.
The proposed AT network would be anchored by Highway 28, a link in the proposed province wide cycling network, as a north–south spine that bisects the Township while providing a linkage to the remainder of the County and beyond. County Road 620 connects Apsley to Chandos Beach and combined with County Road 504 provides a scenic loop for cyclists around Chandos Lake and access to area cottages. The proposed plan has identified the ultimate provision of paved shoulders on County Roads 620 and 504. The provision of “Share the Road” signage on segments of those corridors could be an option for staging the implementation of provisions for cyclists

Natural and tended spaces are plentiful in North Kawartha and surrounding area. There are also many Provincial Parks in the North Kawartha area.

Provincial Parks

Parks and Green Spaces

North Kawartha maintains two public beaches - Chandos Beach at 2821 Highway 620 and Quarry Bay Beach at 1986 Northey's Bay Road. Both have public washrooms and offer swimming lessons.

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