Capital Program and Projects

The 2021 year will be a busy year for North Kawartha.  The Capital items listed below are being funded by the Ontario Municipal Partnership Funding (OMFP), the Gas Tax revenue, the Modernization/Efficiency funding, the Federal/Provincial Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), and the annual Ontario Community Infrastructure Funding (OCIF).

Capital projects for 2021 include:

A new pick-up truck, a mini-pumper, Great Plains upgrade, server application data redundancy solution, website refresh, the Chandos Beach changeroom roof, Chandos Beach infrastructure, Glen Alda Community Centre kitchen upgrades, Glen Alda Community Centre washroom renovations, LED sign, North Kawartha Community Centre interior paint, Olympia conditioner rebuild, a new truck, water distribution system/disinfection, Wilson Park Community Centre diamond resurfacing, Cheboutequion Dr/Napier Cres construction, Jeff Rd hill stabilization, loader, Mt. Julian Viamede Rd/Reids Rd rehabilitation, Renwick Rd rehabilitation, bank space, Health Centre renovations, and public washroom roof and siding.

For more budget information on capital projects, please see our Budget page.

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