Capital Program and Projects

The 2019 year will be a busy year for North Kawartha.  As in previous years, Gas Tax Revenue and the Ontario Municipal Partnership Funding will make the acquisition of the much needed capital items possible.

Capital projects for 2019 include:

A new mini-pumper, LED lighting, carpeting both levels of the municipal office, lower level HVAC rennovations, microphones for council chambers, a BAS system for the NKCC, refrigeration system, chiller/condensor/pumps/oil seperator, flooring the lobby/banquet hall, water distribution system/media filters/RO membrane replacement, floor scrubber, snack bar/perfect fry, Wilson Park tennis fence/court resurfacing, baseball diamond resurfacing, Glen Alda accessibility improvements/parking lot, Glen Alda HVAC, Chandos Beach picnic shelter, trees and boat launch, a new pickup truck, a one ton pickup, sander unit, backhoe, paving Gazelle/Sable, surface treatment paving McFadden/Lean/Simeon, paving Reids, paving Reids/Mt. Julian Viamede, cameras, and LED high bay lighting.

For more budget information on capital projects, please see our Budget page.

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