Closed Meeting Explanation

All meetings of Council are open to the public with the exception of closed meetings of Council held under Section 239 (2) of the Municipal Act. The Township of North Kawartha has appointed a Closed Meeting Investigator and authorizes the Investigator to conduct investigations upon receipt of a complaint to determine compliance with the Act or the Municipal Procedural By-Law and to report on the results of such investigation.

By-Law 2015-044 Adopt a Policy for Procedures for Closed Meeting Investigations

By-Law 2017-092 Procedural By-Law

By-Law 2019-035 Amendment to Procedural By-Law 2017-002 to Govern the Calling, Place and Proceedings of meetings of Council and Committees of the Township of North Kawartha

Closed Meeting Investigator Policy (Including Complaint Form) 

Complaint Form - Municipal Investigation

Please contact the Clerk for further information.

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