Councillor Jim O’Shea

portrait of Jim O'SheaCouncillor Ward 1 (Roll numbers beginning with 1536-010...)

Jim O’Shea has been a resident of Chandos Ward since 1973.  During this time, he spent fourteen years as the President of the Chandos Lake Property Owners’ Association and three years as a Co-chair of the North Kawartha Lakes Association.  Jim has been married for fifty years and has a daughter who, as a youngster, learned to figure skate in the old Apsley arena. Through the years in North Kawartha, Jim has been privileged to get to know many of the Apsley area residents and business owners.

Jim is the recipient of the Solicitor General’s Ontario Crime Prevention Award, the Peterborough County Environmental Award and, during his first term on Council, he was a member of a group that received a Peterborough County Special Community Participation Award.  He is a University graduate and enjoyed a long career in teaching.  Jim has been an organizer and contributor for the regional Lakeland Conferences, presenting information on Lake Capacity Studies and the Chandos Lake Dock Talk environmental education and shoreline restoration program.  Recently, he helped to organize the Lakeland Alliance sponsored Love Your Lake shoreline data collection and environmental feedback program.

Jim is very excited to be a member of the North Kawartha Township Council and eagerly anticipates many successes over the next four years.

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