Deputy Mayor Jim Whelan

Jim Whelan the retired owner and President of Peterborough Carpetland (Peterborough) and Whelan's Carpetland (Bridgenorth) was elected Deputy Mayor in 0ctober 2018 and again in 2022

Jim and his wife of 61 years Darla-Marie have been cottagers on Anstruther Lake for 34 years, and 28 years ago chose to reside permanently in North Kawartha. Jim and Darla-Marie sold the cottage in 2017 and own a condo in the Landing on Anstruther Lake.

Jim served as Deputy Reeve from 1993 to 1997, and in 2003 he was elected Reeve. Jim was re-elected in 2006 and 2010 but was defeated in 2014.

As Reeve and Mayor of North Kawartha Jim coordinated the complete reconstruction of the building infrastructure, from the Medical Centre to the new Community Centre, various roads, garbage pickup and transfer stations. North Kawartha has also seen the completion of a new Official Plan, Strategic Plan and Land Use Zoning By-Laws and in 2014 a septic re-inspection program for all of North Kawartha.

These projects were all paid for through Federal and Provincial stimulus funding programs. Even the 1/3 portion that North Kawartha took on was paid for by an Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund grant. Since 2003 when Jim took office the Municipal Tax rate has been lowered by 30%. Jim says that all of this was accomplished with the hard work and support of Ratepayers, Council and a very dedicated staff.

As well as his duties as Mayor, Jim also held the positions of Chair of the North Kawartha Committee of Adjustment and was a member of the North Kawartha Community Planning Committee.

Jim was also active in Peterborough County as a Peterborough County Council Councillor, member of the Peterborough County Land Division Committee County liaison for Township planning applications, and Peterborough County/City Joint Services Committee.

In addition, Jim served as Chair of the Broadband Committee that brought high-speed Internet to Peterborough County and all of Eastern Ontario through a project that raised $180 million dollars in grants and is still expanding.

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