Mayor Carolyn Amyotte

Since 1996 Carolyn Amyotte has built a life in North Kawartha with her husband Jeff Ball.  Together they run Eels Lake Cottages & Marina and Kawartha Docks.  They have two daughters who were born and raised here and are Apsley Public School graduates.

Carolyn was first elected to North Kawartha Council in 2003 and is currently serving her sixth consecutive term after being acclaimed in 2022. Her long and distinguished resume of both municipal and community service includes:

  • County Council
  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Lang Pioneer Village Advisory Board
  • County Governance and Communication Committee
  • Highway 28 Community Safety Zones
  • North Kawartha Police Services Board
  • North Kawartha Library Board            
  • Community Planning Committee                  
  • CSW Environment Council
  • North Kawartha Library Board            
  • Community Planning Committee                  
  • CSW Environment Council
  • Upper Trent Water Management Partnership
  • Upper Trent Water Management Partnership
  • Municipal Lake Tours                                                        
  • First Impressions Community Exchange
  • North Kawartha Visitor Information Map                           
  • North Kawartha Community Development Corp.                       
  • Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park  
  • Rainbow Igloo Project and Fundraiser 
  • North Kawartha Skating Carnival
  • Eels Lake Yoga
  • Apsley School Council
  • The Festive Feast                     
  • Save Our Bank (SOB) Committee                
  • Eels Lake BBQ Dances
  • Apsley School Parent Volunteer

In addition to these groups and events Carolyn has written numerous articles, positions papers, motions and support letters on a variety of topics and issues.

Carolyn is the longest serving member of Council and is thrilled that she is no longer the only female elected representative.  Her vision as North Kawartha’s Mayor is to build a strong, united and sustainable community where everyone is treated fairly and with respect.  She will continue to use her best judgement in all matters and pledges to always act in the best interests of North Kawartha.

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