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Winter Message

Mayor Rick WoodcockLet me begin by saying that I am sorry that I missed the deadline which would have brought this message to you before Christmas and New Years; therefore I must begin by extending a belated Seasons Greeting. I truly hope that some relaxing time with friends and relatives was refreshing for everyone as we move towards a busy 2017. May it be healthy and full of hope for all!

It is somewhat surprising that one-half of the four year term has now passed. The first two years have seen your Council address numerous issues, some of which are still before us. Your participation and your willingness to forward your thoughts, ideas and concerns have been helpful to Members of Council.

Haastown Holdings Development in Winter's Bay on Chandos Lake

The Haastown development (7 lots) has received official plan and zoning by-law amendment approval, together with draft plan of subdivision approval. Conditions of final approval include financial and environmental safeguards to protect the Township and the Lake, as well as subdivision agreement with the Township. It also includes engineering drawings and site plan approval to ensure that the development proceeds as approved.

Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw to Regulate In-Water Buildings and Structures

In the summer, following extensive input from the Community, Council adopted a Bylaw intended to deny planning approval for boathouses (on all lakes in North Kawartha except Ston(e)y Lake), regulate the size and location of docks and zone the waterbed. This Bylaw was appealed by six (6) residents/businesses to the OMB and is currently pending a decision.

NP Lorie Dunford

Nurse practitioner, Lorie Dunford announced that she was accepting patients during the summer and by the time of the Official Opening of the NP Hub on September 22, she was busy, both with her new case load and receiving positive feedback from those who have signed up to receive care.

ATV Bylaw for North Kawartha

Recently Council adopted a Bylaw which will allow ATVs to ride on municipal roads for a one-year trial period. It is noted that this Bylaw does not apply to County Roads which currently does not permit the use of ATVs. The Township will be working with the County to determine if the County will consider a Bylaw which will provide similar approval and thereby permit ATVs to use all roads in North Kawartha.

The Peterborough County Trails ATV Club (formerly Havelock and District ATV Club) have offered to extend its' membership to North Kawartha in order to provide guidance to the new direction and oversee the use of trails and roads by operators. Club representatives have expressed a desire to develop multi-use trails in North Kawartha.

Burleigh Bay Corporation Application to Develop on Stony Lake

The Burleigh Bay Corporation filed an application with the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) to develop the north shore of Stony Lake in the area referred to as the Fraser Property. The month of October was spent in Hearings at the Wilson Park Community Centre where the parties presented their case. Everyone is now awaiting the decision of the OMB with respect to this matter.

Lakefield District Intermediate/Secondary School Closure

Council became active in response to the suggestion that students from North Kawartha would not be further disadvantaged by the closure of LDISS and thereby be required to spend additional time daily to travel by bus to school. Despite our valiant efforts to influence the outcome, the Board of Trustees seemed pre-disposed to closing the school for financial reasons rather than what would be in the best interest of our students.

Septic Re-inspection Program

The program continues on lakes throughout our Township. Other than a few outstanding "follow ups", many lakes are now concluded with the remainder to be surveyed in 2017. Hamlets and surrounding areas within the Township are scheduled for 2018. I am pleased that several owners throughout North Kawartha have proactively updated/replaced their systems recognizing the significance related to continuous good management of septic systems.

Cycling Ad-hoc Committee

With enthusiasm mounting throughout the County, with respect to good cycling routes, a  "Cycling Ad Hoc Committee" with staff lead Planner Laura Stone and Community Member, Bill Rasberry, Council supports the proposal to the County's Active Transportation Master Plan Technical Advisory Committee for a Chandos Lake Cycling loop around highways 620 and 504.

To this point, cycling trails have been developed in six of the eight townships and currently reach the vicinity of Viamede Resort from the south. This is a good opportunity to recognize Ben Samaan, Viamede Resort for the creation of 9 kms of walking trails from Viamede Resort to Boschink Narrows.

Police Services Board and North Kawartha Council

The Police Services Board and North Kawartha Council are working together to address several areas of concern:

  • Speed limits on rural roads
  • The revision of parking bylaws for Apsley to enable enforcement of parking infractions at "the bend" on Burleigh Street in the vicinity of Burleigh Street
  • Options for the parking of vehicles on Burleigh Street with a goal to improve issues around pedestrian safety.
  • The introduction of graduated speed reduction zones on Highway 620 at Balmer and Jack Lake Road south of the stop street intersection.

Further Information

  • The Township intends to undertake a significant review of the CZB (Comprehensive Zoning Bylaws) but is awaiting the County of Peterborough to review the Official Plan which is the first step.
  • Council is currently working on the 2017 Operating Budget for which details will be announced shortly.
  • Staff continue to work on the audio/visual equipment proposal recognizing the more urgent need to upgrade the telephone system. Therefore the audiovisual equipment may now be a priority for 2018. This equipment will provide for the taping of council meetings and subsequent review by those interested.
  • In order to provide for future capital planning and vehicle replacement, the further development of an Asset Management Plan will be a priority for 2017. The Plan will reveal total replacement cost of Township assets and improve financial planning to remove the impact of hills and valleys on annual budgets.
  • The Eels Creek Bridge at Haultain is planned for replacement in a three structure replacement design-build contract. The project is planned to commence in the fall of 2017 with the bulk of the work planned for 2018 and 2019 construction seasons.

Please stay connected. The Township continues to work toward a goal to improve and expand your access to the work reported by both Council and staff in order to be informative and transparent. We encourage everyone who is interested in following Council activities and decisions to Subscribe. Simply go to the Township Website; click on "News", and then you can request to be notified of:

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Please recognize that you are welcome to talk to me or any Councillor about concerns or ideas, at any time.


Rick Woodcock, Mayor
North Kawartha Township
(Cell)  705-931-1342


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