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The Township of North Kawartha is created by the Province Ontario and governed by your Elected Local Council.  Council must abide by applicable laws, or what is referred to as Legislation, which includes, Federal Legislation, Provincial Legislation and Municipal Legislation.  Municipal Legislation consists of By-Laws and Resolutions.

The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has carefully prepared a Municipal Councillor's Guide, which summarizes and deals with complex matters.  It does not include all details and does not take into account local facts and circumstances.  As well, the guide refers to or reflects laws and practices which are subject to change.  Municipalities and councillors are responsible for making local decisions, including for compliance with law such as applicable statutes and regulations.  For these reasons, the guide, as well as any links or information from other sources referred to in it, should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice in connection with any particular matter.  The user is solely responsible for any use or application of the guide.

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - The Municipal Councillor's Guide 2014

By-Laws and Policies

The Corporation of the Township of North Kawartha has implemented multiple By-Laws and Procedures to assist with the governance of the Corporation.  Listed below are some key By-Laws, Policies and Procedures to assist Council with their roles and responsibilities which have been made accessible and therefore formatting and numbering may be differ from the original document.

Notice By-Law # 03/03

A.  Council By-Laws and Policies           

A-1   Procedural By-Law 

A-2   Code of Conduct    

A-3   Accountability and Transparency

A-4   Delegate Certain Powers of Council      

A-5   Procedures for Closed Meeting Investigations 

A-6   Indemnity and Defence of Councillors and Employees          

A-7   Council Remuneration Policy      

A-8   Establish Rates of Remuneration           

A-9   One-Third of Council Remuneration  Deemed Expenses      

A-10 Public Appointments to North Kawartha Boards and Committees

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