Source Water Protection Authority

The Clean Water Act sets out a framework for source protection planning on a watershed basis. A watershed is an area of land that is drained by a river and its tributaries into a body of water such as a lake or river. Water is shared as it flows across the boundaries of municipalities, cities and towns. The best way to protect water is on a watershed-basis.

Under the Act, Source Protection Areas were established based on the watershed boundaries of Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities. The Crowe Valley, Ganaraska Region, Kawartha, Lower Trent and Otonabee Conservation Authorities have entered into a partnership for this region. The five Conservation Authorities are coordinating the collection of scientific information about water resources within our local watersheds. They are also facilitating the planning process with municipalities and other stakeholders.

Local Conservation Authorities carry out a number of water monitoring activities to help answer questions about local water resources including:

  • Groundwater and surface water quality monitoring
  • Stream flow monitoring
  • Flood forecasting and warning

Current Members

Councillor Jim O'Shea - Council Appointment

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