911 Service

In an Emergency - Dial 911 - Police, Fire and / or Ambulance

Please dial 911 if you are experiencing a life threatening or property emergency. 911 calls are directed to Police, Fire and Ambulance. Be prepared to provide:

  • your exact location (also referred to as the civic address, municipal address [shown on your tax bill] which should match the 911 number on the green sign either located at the bottom of your driveway, your street name, your town/city
  • For water access: Your water access area, as well as street name or lake/island name
  • your telephone number including area code
  • nature of your call, services required
  • stay on the line until advised to hang up

If you dial 911 in error, please stay on the line and answer the questions of the operator. Police are required to follow up on 911 hang ups or 911 pocket / purse dialed calls. 

Civic address signs are vital in an emergency. Help us keep emergency signs in place by exercising caution when operating vehicles or heavy equipment near signage.

It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that their own 911 number at the bottom of their driveway is kept upright and visible at all times.

If you require a new civic address sign please visit the Roads Signage Drop Down on our Roads Page for instructions and further information.

Peterborough County Community Awareness Campaign: Is Your Urgency an Emergency?  It's Your Call

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