Municipal Beaches 

The Township maintains two municipal beaches, Chandos Beach and Quarry Bay Beach. 

Both Chandos and Quarry Bay Beach boast Mobi-Mats. Mobi-Mat® is a portable and removable rollout beach access mat for pedestrians, wheelchair users, strollers and bicycles.  The Mobi-Mat® walkways provide a firm, safe, cool and stable surface for a wide range of users, including people with disabilities or mobility challenges, the elderly, those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or strollers and other groups with special access needs.

Photo Gallery: Mobi Mats will appear here on the public site.

Our beaches are natural beaches and are unsupervised, meaning there are no lifeguards. For the safety and betterment of all users, please adhere to the following:

Please report any deficiencies to 705-656-4445 ext. 252.

The Peterborough Public Health website has lots of valuable information pertaining to swimming and public beaches, including current test results.

Please note: Tobacco Enforcement Officers (TEOs) regularly patrol parks, playgrounds, beaches and festivals to ensure compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (SFOA). Under the SFOA, beaches and other outdoor spaces are designated smoke, vape and cannabis-free, and violating the law could lead to a $305 fine. Any person who sees people smoking, vaping, or using cannabis at beaches and within park boundaries may report a violation by calling the PPH Tobacco Enforcement Officers at 705-743-1000 or reporting the offence online at

Chandos Beach

2821 County Road 620, Apsley, ON K0L 1A0
15 minutes north of Apsley

Chandos BeachChandos Beach

Chandos BeachChandos Beach


Chandos Beach Improvements 2017 - 2018

Chandos Beach is a beautiful public access beach that has unfortunately deteriorated over the past 30 years due to increased usage, water levels and erosion.   And due to the Beach’s growing popularity and increased usage in the past few years, the Township has received several requests to restore the beach to its’ previous condition while improving parking, safety and considering future needs, all with minimal impact to the natural environment. 

Therefore, through the Provincial Regulatory Agencies, the Township is performing the following basic improvements which began in 2017.

  • Remove dead and dangerous trees with exposed roots that are creating a safety hazard to the Public. These trees not only created a trip hazard, but also an overhead limb hazard.
  • The planting of new trees. Trees will be planted to not only replace the dead and hazardous trees removed, but additional trees will be planted for several reasons including natural shade.
  • Restore the sand beach frontage that has gradually shrunk to a fraction of the original size.   Restoring the beach to its original size will improve safety, eliminate crowding and provide more space for children to play in the sand. This restoration will also allow for possible future recreation and leisure equipment that will compliment the beach, possibly  picnic or shade shelters, benches, playground equipment or beach volleyball equipment.  However, as with the current plans, future plans must meet regulatory requirements and budget.
  • Move the driveway and create a proper parking lot.  The previous driveway dissected the beach and grassy areas and only allowed parking along the side of the driveway which created an unsafe environment for all, but especially children.  The new driveway runs adjacent to County Rd 620 and leads into a proper parking lot.  The parking area will be separated from the beach area with large limestone rocks.  This will eliminate children running from between parked cars and eliminate crossing the road to access the washrooms and change rooms. This will allow for the safe parking of vehicles and more importantly eliminate the safety hazards that existed with the old driveway and parking.    
  • Proper signage.  In a non-obtrusive fashion, signage will be erected to notify the public of safety guidelines, rules and by-laws, for the betterment of everyone using or visiting this public area.

In summary, the Chandos Beach improvements are aimed at restoring the usable beach area while improving the layout, public safety and overall features naturally.  As an example, the usage of limestone rock as opposed to a fence when separating the parking lot area.  Any trees that will be removed will be replaced and additional trees planted.  The overall restoration will improve public safety and allow for future growth.

Quarry Bay Beach

Quarry Beach Picnic Area

1986 Northey's Bay Road, Woodview, ON K0L 3E0
11 km from Highway 28

In addition to the rules listed below, it should also be noted that Quarry Bay Beach is located between privately-owned, waterfront properties. Respect must be shown for these neighbours, and trespassing on these properties is strictly prohibited.  




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