Building and Construction

The Township has been designated by the Province of Ontario to use the Building Code as their minimum standard for construction. Each Township must appoint a Chief Building Official and as many inspectors as may be required to enforce the Building Code Act and the regulations thereunder in a non-prejudicial, consistent manner.

In order to ensure that the minimum standards for health and safety and the well being of its residents are maintained, a building permit is required for most building/construction projects. Upon receipt of a complete Building Permit application, the Building Department will review the site plan and building plans to ensure they meet the specifications of the Building Code and the applicable Zoning By-Laws. A permit will be issued and it will indicate when inspections of the building project are required. These inspections are a requirement of the Building Code and must be conducted to ensure that the construction standards as applied meet the minimum requirements of the Building Code inclusive of septic systems.

Upon completion of the building/construction project, a final inspection will be conducted.

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