Building and Renovating

Building, Planning and By-Law Enforcement functions are handled primarily by the Building Department. The department consists of:

  • Chief Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer
  • Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer
  • Junior Planner
  • Building & Planning Assistant/Secretary

Contact the Building Department with your questions on demolition, construction, sewage disposal systems, property zoning, the Official Plan, direction for subdivision, home businesses, property standards and other related by-law information.

Please note: We cannot stress enough how important it is to always check with our Building Officials prior to undertaking any project. This is to ensure that you have met all requirements, have all the necessary approvals and are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Failure to do this can result in the delay of the processing of your application. If you have commenced your project, you could be required to remove it if it does not comply with the applicable requirements. It is therefore, in your best interest to consult with us while your project is in the planning states.

Please call for an appointment to ensure we are available and to allow us to schedule the time required to properly review your application.

Chief Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer

705-656-4445 Ext. 237

Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer

705-656-4445 Ext. 231

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