By-law Enforcement and Compliance

By-Law Enforcement

By-laws are established to ensure that the Municipality is a good place for everyone to share and enjoy by setting rules and boundaries that everyone must follow. These are some of the by-laws we have:



Property Standards


Clean and Clear

To help us meet this commitment, we will bring by-law violations to the attention of individuals and property owners and work hard to reach a satisfactory resolution in a timely manner.

Please be advised the Township has hired the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, Kingston and Region for the provision of by-law enforcement services and has appointed the Officers of Canadian Corps of Commissionaires as By-law Enforcement Officers. You may see their vehicle throughout the Township. These Officers have been given authority to interact with ratepayers regarding by-law infractions or concerns. The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires will assist the existing Township By-Law Enforcement Officers with their duties.

If you would like to discuss a property standards issue or a have a by-law concern, please do not hesitate to contact:

Chief Building Official / By-Law Enforcement Officer - Ext. 237

The Officers of the Canadian Corps of Commissionaires can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 705-868-9980.


By-laws are a comprehensive document passed by a municipality to provide for consistent and orderly development and to reduce the possibility of conflicting uses on properly zoned lands. They provide for a healthy, consistent environment and are a minimum standard to specific zones and uses as approved.

If you wish to submit a comment/complaint in regards to building or zoning issues, clean and clear or property standard issues, or any other issues that pertain to Building or Planning, please use the Complaint Form, Building Department.  For matters of a corporate nature, please follow the link to our Corporate Complaints Policy 

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