By-law Enforcement and Compliance

By-Law Enforcement

By-laws are established to ensure that the Municipality is a good place for everyone to share and enjoy by setting rules and boundaries that everyone must follow. The Township has many by-laws, below are the some of the most commonly referenced.  Please contact the By-Law department for further inquiries on topics not listed.

To help us meet this commitment, we will bring by-law violations to the attention of individuals and property owners and work hard to reach a satisfactory resolution in a timely manner.


By-laws are a comprehensive document passed by a municipality to provide for consistent and orderly development and to reduce the possibility of conflicting uses on properly zoned lands. They provide for a healthy, consistent environment and are a minimum standard to specific zones and uses as approved.

If you wish to submit a comment/complaint in regards to building or zoning issues, clean and clear or property standard issues, or any other issues that pertain to Building or Planning, please use the submittable Complaint Form, Building Department.

Approvals and Compliance

When any property owner requires relief from the Comprehensive Zoning By-Laws and the restrictions set out in this document, they do have the ability to apply for planning relief. They can do this by applying for an Official Plan Amendment at the County level or for a Zoning By-Law Amendment and/or Minor Variance at the Municipal level. These options are available for planning relief as set out in the Planning Act.

View Official Plan, Zoning By-Laws and Minor Variance information in Planning Services

Building Code Act
The Building Code Act was enacted by the Province of Ontario in 1974 as a result of sub-standard regulations that were in place at each municipal level. The Building Code sets out minimum standards for construction throughout Ontario. The Township has been designated by the Province of Ontario to use the Building Code as their minimum standard for construction. Each Township must appoint a Chief Building Official and as many inspectors as may be required to enforce the Building Code Act and the regulations thereunder in a non-prejudicial, consistent manner.
Building Inspections

As a result of the Township’s requirement to enforce the Building Code Act, when building permits are issued, there are required inspections to verify that the construction standards as applied do meet the minimum requirements of the Ontario Building Code inclusive of septic tanks.

The Building Code Act provides the Chief Building Official and Building Inspectors the authority to enter onto properties where there may be or would appear to be unsafe structures. This is to provide protection for ratepayers that could in fact be affected by unsafe structures located on properties including septic tanks.

Clean and Clear
Clean and Clear By-Law
Livestock Evaluation

The Township represents the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for the reporting of the loss of livestock due to predators ie wolves and coyotes (it does not cover the loss due to domestic dogs or bears) that may attack livestock. The Township will upon proper notification inspect, complete forms and authorize payment to the farm operator based on current values that may be applicable at a sales barn.

Please contact the Building and Planning Department

For more information go to the website for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.

Noise By-Law

Discharge of Firearms:

North Kawartha Council passed motion 06-159 at the regular meeting held on April 18, 2006 to support Sunday Gun Hunting in the Township of North Kawartha. The Township does not regulate the discharge of firearms. Further information is available at the links below:


Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary |



The Township of North Kawartha passed a comprehensive Parking By-Law #50/08 in 2008. This by-law was passed to help reduce traffic congestion in the village of Apsley and to assist in the delivery of road maintenance and Emergency Services to our residents and visitors.

This by-law forbids the parking of any vehicles on any Township road or right of way regardless of the season. The winter snow plow turnarounds are particular problem areas. If the snow plow can't get turned around, the road will not be plowed. These areas have been signed as a reminder to place vehicles off the roadway and into driveways or other cleared areas.

The Municipality will be enforcing The County of Peterborough No Parking By-Law and its Amendment within the village of Apsley only.

Your vehicle may be tagged or towed away if you are in violation of either by-law.

Property Standards

Property standards are passed under the provisions of the Building Code Act. This document affects existing structures on a property including rental accommodations as set out in the Landlord and Tenant Act. This is to assure that a minimum safe standard is obtained for residential uses inclusive of heat, potable water and that the property is maintained in a reasonable condition.

Property Standards By-Law #0046-2001

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