Development Guide

The Township has created a Development Guide, to assist those that want to develop in the community.

North Kawartha's Official Plan 

An Official Plan sets policies for guiding proper land use and development in the community. The Official Plan outlines where residential, industrial and commercial areas are contemplated. The County of Peterborough Official Plan functions as the lower tier Official Plan for the Township of North Kawartha as well as two other municipalities in the County. When Peterborough County undertakes the preparation of the Official Plan, they utilize input from the Township Councils, the public, ministries and other agencies and the Official Plan shall be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement. A copy of the Official Plan is available for viewing on the Peterborough County Website.

If you want to use your property or develop it in a way that does not conform to the Official Plan, then an Official Plan Amendment may be necessary. It is advisable to contact the staff of the North Kawartha Building/Planning Department and the County of Peterborough Planning Department to review your proposed land use proposals and to guide you through this process.

North Kawartha's Zoning By-law

The Zoning By-law is a legal document that regulates the use of land within the township. The By-Law states what each parcel of land can be used for, where and what types of buildings or structures may be located on the land and the requirements of lot sizes, parking lots, building heights and setbacks, etc. The Zoning By-law must conform with the Official Plan of the township. Information regarding a Zoning By-Law Amendment is available at the Township Office. This information is also available for viewing in the Development Guide.

Minor Variance

Minor Variances are granted to allow development to proceed without it being in exact conformity with the requirements of the Zoning By-Law. They are a special privilege and there must be a valid reason why the by-law cannot be met in order for a Minor Variance to be granted. Information regarding a Minor Variance  is available at the Municipal Office. This information is also available for viewing in the Development Guide.


A land severance (also known as a consent) is the division of your land, which creates separate parcels. The Official Plan of North Kawartha has specific requirements and/or conditions for land severance. Being approved for a land severance depends on lot size, compatibility, public and private roads, conformity to the Official Plan and the Zoning By-Law, water supply, sewage disposal, etc. The Peterborough County Land Division is the approval authority for a Severance Application.

Planning Applications & Information Packages

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