Dogs Running at Large

No dog shall be allowed to run at large in the Township. All dogs must be on a leash in areas other than your residence. Any dog found running at large may be seized and impounded. The Dog Control Officer shall require payment of all costs associated with any dogs that are seized and impounded prior to their release. Contravention of this Bylaw # 2022-0028 will result in a penalty at the set by the magistrate.

To report a dog running at large, contact the Dog Control Officer, Deb Haigh at 705-760-6968

Deb Haigh, Dog Control Officer
Animal Control: 705-760-6968

If your dog has gone missing, please report it to Deb Haigh at 705-760-6968 or via email. A Dog Tag will help the Dog Control Officer return your lost dog to you and is required in the Township of North Kawartha that all dogs over the age of three months must be licensed. Licenses expire on December 31st of the year of issuance.

All dog waste (feces) must be picked up from private or township property.

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