Emergency Management

There are 4 main components of emergency management:

  • Mitigation and Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery

The Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act (EMCPA) requires every Municipality in Ontario to develop, implement and maintain an Emergency Management Program that is tailored to its local needs in order to protect the lives and property of all residents and visitors.

North Kawartha is committed to creating a disaster-resilient community through its community Emergency Management Program.

The requirements of the Emergency Management Program are outlined in the EMCPA and the program must conform to these standards. Ontario Regulation 380/04 sets out the minimum standards for emergency management programs required by municipalities and provincial ministries.

Components that make up the Emergency Management Program include:

  • Designating a Primary and Alternate Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Assembling an Emergency Management Program Committee
  • Establishing a Municipal Emergency Control Group
  • Establishing a Municipal Emergency Operations Centre
  • Conducting and maintaining Emergency Management Training programs
  • Designating an Emergency Information Officer
  • Developing and testing the Emergency Response Plan

Township of North Kawartha Primary Community Emergency Management Coordinator 

Chief Administrative Officer 705-656-4445 extension 236.

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