Entrance Permit Application

An Entrance Permit is required to get access onto property that is adjacent to any Municipal road. This permit is required before any new building permits are issued for the property in question. Entrance Permit Applications can be accessed through our website or picked up at the Township Office located at 280 Burleigh Street, Apsley during operating hours.

Entrance Permit By-Law # 50/09 

There is a fee of $125.00 for a permanent entrance or $50.00 for a temporary entrance. Once the Entrance Permit Application is completed and submitted with the payment, the Public Works Manager will contact the property owner/applicant to arrange a site visit before final approval is given. The property owner will receive a copy of the finalized Entrance Permit once it has been approved and paid in full.

If you have questions about submitting your application please email the Accounting Assistant or call 705-656-4445 extension 235. If you have questions about the entrance itself or your property please email the Public Works Manger or call 705-656-4445 extension 243.

Entrance Permits Off County Roads

Applications for entrances off of County roads within The Township of North Kawartha are issued through The County of Peterborough Public Works Department. For more information or to get an Entrance Permit for a County road, visit the County of Peterborough Public Works.

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