Fitness Centre

COVID-19 Notice

The Township of North Kawartha continues its actions to help protect the health of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the Township website’s COVID-19 page to stay informed of additional changes to Township services, amenities, and programs.  

As noted above, the Township of North Kawartha has taken actions which include working closely with the Public Health Unit to help protect the health of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this is especially true with regard to the Fitness Centre. We are also requesting that members of the public share some of that responsibility, by observing the rules and regulations that have been put in place for your protection, and the protection of others.

And a reminder, effective January 04, 2022, as per O. Reg 364/20, the only acceptable form of Proof of Vaccination, through-out the Province, is the QR (Quick Response) Code. And this doesn’t just apply to our Fitness Centre, as noted, it’s a Province-wide requirement, so it is in the best interests of all Fitness Centre members to get the code as soon as possible, and certainly before your return, as your QR code will/must be scanned before you will be allowed entry. If you require more information on the app that is used to verify your code, visit the Verify Ontario webpage. Note: This app does not store any personal information, it simply scans the QR code and provides a one-time confirmation of POV, and no information remains on the phone or tablet.     

Again, for all current members (and of course new members) the only acceptable form of Proof of Vaccination will be the QR Code. And, you must bring the QR code (and your ID) with you every time, not just the first time. The QR code can be a digital version (on your phone), or a printed paper copy of the code. Residents can download their enhanced vaccine certificate by visiting, or by calling the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900 to have their vaccine certificate emailed or mailed via Canada Post. Please note that the North Kawartha Public Library is also assisting residents that don’t have computer or email access, in obtaining printed copies of their QR code while you wait. You may contact the Library at 705-656-4333.   

Furthermore, there will be unannounced inspections through-out Peterborough County to ensure compliance with the Provincial Regulation. As such, it is vital that all Fitness Centre members, have their QR Code and identification with them at all times. 

Other items to be aware of:

  • “Swipe/Access” cards are de-activated, and will not work, only Staff can let members into the Fitness Centre.
  • Members must complete the “Required COVID-19 Screening Questions & Contact Tracing Record” before being allowed to enter.
  • Masks must be worn into the building until you begin your workout, and again after you complete your workout.
  • The machines are physically distanced and must not be moved.
  • Only 1 person is allowed in a dressing room at one time. We are currently limiting total occupancy of the Fitness Centre to 10. If the Fitness Centre is busy, please come back at another time.
  • You must thoroughly wipe down the equipment before and after use, with the disinfectant bottles provided.
  • We request that you exit the Fitness Centre through the rear stairwell. (Understanding this may not always be possible for reasons related to accessibility). 
  • The Fitness Centre will be electrostatically disinfected on a regular basis. 
  • As the Fitness Centre is an unsupervised area, User Assumes All Risks and Liability. 

Please note: Although the machines are physically distanced, when working out, droplets are expelled at higher velocities. Therefore, although masks are not mandatory (only when working out) they are recommended.

We all hope to return to normal operating procedures as soon as possible, but in the interim, we thank you very much for your co-operation and understanding. 

The North Kawartha Fitness Centre in the NKCC
340 McFadden Road, Apsley ON K0L 1A0
Contact us at 705-656-4445

Made possible with a grant of almost $100,000 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), the Centre is the first of its kind in the area. The funding from OTF was used to purchase a full complement of fitness equipment

The facility also has satellite and big screen TVs for entertainment while working out, card readers for members' easy entry, closed-circuit television for member safety, and fully-equipped change rooms. Additionally, group fitness classes are offered, conducted by qualified instructors, and may include Core and the wildly popular Spin Bike classes.

Hours of Operation

Weekdays 6:00 am to 9:00 pm

Weekends and Holidays 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Closed Easter Monday, Christmas Day and New Year's Day

FAQs and Rules

Memberships may be purchased at the NKCC. All fees include HST. At the NKCC we accept cash, cheque or debit. Cheques made payable to: Township of North Kawartha

Students age 13 to 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Senior rates apply to members age 65 and older.

Electronic "swipe cards" are issued to members, which allow entry into the Fitness Centre. There is a $20 fee associated with the swipe card, if lost or stolen. Retain the card if you are planning on renewing your membership. Otherwise, please return the swipe at the end of your membership.

Swipe Cards are to be used by the Member only, and must not be loaned to anyone. Doing so will result in forfeiture of membership and fees.

A membership does not include a guest. Each "visitor" must purchase a membership, and fill out the requisite forms. The forms are valid for one year from the date they are filled out. At the end of the one-year period, they must be renewed.  

Members are responsible for providing their own towels for use in the showers .

Equipment must be wiped down after use with the small towels, and spray bottles of cleaning products provided for this purpose.

Knapsacks/Bags and Jackets are to be left in Change Rooms or Lockers, not near Equipment.

Lockers are provided for day-use during the time you are at the Fitness Centre. Please bring your own small lock if you are planning on leaving valuables in the locker. 

Outdoor shoes are to be removed prior to entering Fitness Centre. Clean in-door running shoes are a must. No bare feet, crocs, sandals, work boots, etc.

Proper fitness attire is required, i.e. no cut-off shorts, trousers with zippers (eg. jeans) are not permitted.

No food, cans or glass bottles. Reusable or plastic bottles are permitted.

All equipment must be put back in place after use.

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