Information to Landlords and Tenants

It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to provide your guests/renters access to the Transfer Stations along with the rules. There are many easy ways to accomplish this:

  1. Each pass consists of 2 tear-off ends, with 10 punch holes each. (One end has a free, Freon appliance punch hole). Many Property Owners leave one of these Pass ends on the fridge or in another safe spot for their renters/guests to use. These tear-off ends are to be completed with property owner information, and are to be used to gain access to the Transfer Stations.
  2. Property Owners may obtain a replacement pass in 2 variations (with bag tag holes, and without bag tag holes). Therefore, with either variation #1 or #2, as long as the renter has a pass, they may purchase their own bag tags, when going to Transfer Stations.
  3. Property Owners may purchase bag tags in advance (at $1 per bag tag) and provide their renters/guests with some bag tags, for use at the Transfer Stations. Keep in mind that once these bag tags are used up by the renters/guests, more bag tags can only be purchased with a waste pass. This method allows renters/guests to access the Transfer Stations without a Waste Pass, as they already have bag tags for their garbage. This method is especially effective if renters/guests are accessing the Transfer Stations on their way home, and cannot return the pass to the residence.
  4. Others provide their renters/guests the schedule and rules of the curbside collection program and simply use this. Curbside, in combination with a steel bear bin has proved to be very effective.

Also, replacement/additional waste passes may be obtained by the Property Owner (only), at the Municipal Office, in two ways:

  1. All bag tag punch holes, and the free, Freon appliance punch hole, are removed from the Pass. The Waste Pass is then free.
  2. A complete pass can be obtained for $20. This pass has a $40 value, as there are $20 worth of bag tags and a free, Freon appliance punch hole, which is $20.

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