Information to Landlords and Tenants

It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to provide your guests/renters access to the Transfer Stations along with the rules. There are several easy ways to accomplish this:

  1. Each Waste Site Pass consists of 2 tear-off ends, with 10 "punch holes" each. (One end has a free, Freon appliance punch hole). Many Property Owners leave one of these Pass ends on the fridge, or in another safe spot for their renters/guests to use. These tear-off ends are to be completed with property owner information, and are to be used to gain access to the Transfer Stations. You might also consider downloading and posting copies of the Transfer Stations Schedule and Sorting Guide, for your guests.  
  2. Property Owners may obtain a replacement Pass in 2 variations (with bag tag holes, or without bag tag holes). Therefore, with either variation #1 or #2, as long as the renter has a Pass, they may purchase their own bag tags, when going to the Transfer Stations.
  3. Property Owners may purchase bag tags in advance (at $1 per bag tag) and provide their renters/guests with some bag tags, for use at the Transfer Stations. Keep in mind that once these bag tags are used up by the renters/guests, more bag tags can only be purchased with a Waste Site Pass. This method allows renters/guests to access the Transfer Stations without a Waste Site Pass, as they already have bag tags for their garbage. This method is especially effective if renters/guests are accessing the Transfer Stations on their way home, and cannot return the Pass to the residence.
  4. Others provide their renters/guests the schedule and rules of the Curbside Collection program and simply use this. Curbside Collection, in combination with a steel bear bin has proved to be very effective.

Replacement/additional Waste Site Passes may be obtained by the Property Owner (only), at the Municipal Office, in two ways:

  1. All bag tag punch holes, and the free, Freon appliance punch hole, are removed from the Pass. The Waste Site Pass is then free.
  2. A complete Pass can be obtained for $20. This Pass has a $40 value, as there are $20 worth of bag tags and a free, Freon appliance punch hole, which is $20.

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