Municipal and Shoreline Road Allowance

Unopened Municipal Road Allowances

The Township shall consider the sale of 66 foot unopened Municipal Road Allowances. Each application shall be dealt with on its own merit, subject to, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Requirement for future use of allowance by Municipality
  • Requirement for public access
  • Site specific based on hardship
  • Existing encroachment on municipal lands
  • Requirement for additional lands where necessary to comply with zoning by-law
  • Protection of wetland areas
  • Negative impact to abutting landowner (i.e. Buffer Zone)
  • 33' offered to abutting landowner
  • Applications shall be circulated to Federal and Provincial Agencies as deemed appropriate

Shoreline Road Allowance

The Township offers for sale the 66 foot shoreline road allowance only to the property owners whose land is separated from the lake by this allowance. If there is a portion between the 66 foot shoreline road allowance and the property owner's lot that is owned by the Crown (Ministry of Natural Resources), this must be purchased from the Ministry of Natural Resources prior to purchasing the municipal shoreline road allowance. This is usually evident at the time the survey is completed. Upon request, the municipality will review any existing surveys to determine if they are satisfactory for the application.


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