Official Plan

An Official Plan sets policies for guiding proper land use and development in the community. The Official Plan outlines where residential, industrial and commercial areas are contemplated. The County of Peterborough Official Plan functions as the lower tier Official Plan for the Township as well as two other municipalities in the County. When Peterborough County undertakes the preparation of the Official Plan, they utilize input from the Township Councils, the public, ministries and other agencies and the Official Plan shall be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement. A copy of the Official Plan is available on the Peterborough County Website.

Peterborough County is currently in the process of reviewing and updating the Official Plan.  For information on the progress and other information, please go to

If you want to use your property or develop it in a way that does not conform to the Official Plan, then an Official Plan Amendment may be necessary. It is advisable to contact the staff of the North Kawartha Building/Planning Department and the County of Peterborough Planning Department to review your proposed land use proposals and to guide you through this process.

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