Planning Guildelines/Applications

Property Owners planning future development (building) on their property should contact the Building and Planning Department well before your planned start date to determine the type of approvals needed. Please refer to the guidelines set out for building permit application and the various planning applications to help you with scheduling your project. Keep in mind that these timeframes may be extended if approval authorities require more information or studies prior to making a decision or if an application is of a complicated nature. Staff adhere to time requirements in the Planning Act. The Township Procedural By-law # 2017-092, sets the deadline for providing information to the Council Meeting as five (5) business days prior to the meeting, however planning applications require additional time to meet notice requirements and for review and staff reporting. Prior to Council approval of agreements such as Site Plan Control, Merger, Encroachment, etc. all required schedules, surveys and fees must be received by the Municipality and the agreements must be reviewed and signed by the parties. It is suggested that complete agreements be provided to the Municipality fourteen (14) days in advance of the Council Meeting.

The Building/Planning Department will be able to assist you with all your planning needs. Contact us if you have any questions or need help with an application for Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-Law Amendment, Severance and/or Minor Variance Application.

Chief Building Official/By-Law Enforcement Officer

705-656-4445 Ext. 237

Junior Planner

705-656-4445 Ext. 265

Public Notice: Under the Planning Act, information and material required respecting planning applications shall be made available to the public. For more information, please refer to the Township's Routine Disclosure - Planning Applications Guidelines.

Also be advised that the minutes of public meetings (hearings) are made available on the municipal website for public viewing and may be circulated throughout the Township and/or to parties requesting a copy of the minutes. Anyone who attends a public meeting of the Township and enters their name on the attendance list or speaks publicly at the meeting may have their name and any opinions they may express recorded in the minutes of that specific meeting.

If an individual has a concern with respect to information being made available to the public, please advise the Clerk, at 705-656-4445 Ext. 234.

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