In an Emergency - Dial 911 - Police, Fire and / or Ambulance

Please dial 911 if you are experiencing a life threatening or property emergency. 911 calls are directed to Police, Fire and Ambulance. Be prepared to provide:

  • your exact location, address, town / city
  • your telephone number including area code
  • nature of your call, services required
  • stay on the line until advised to hang up


During a local emergency, such as flooding, call 911 if there is a threat to life or property. For all other inquiries contact the Municipal Office at 705-656-4445 or if activated, the Public Inquiry Centre 705-876-4636.

If you dial 911 in error, please stay on the line and answer the questions of the operator. Police are required to follow up on 911 hang ups or 911 pocket / purse dialed calls.

Ways to contact the OPP who police the Township.

Contract with the OPP

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are under contract to provide policing services in North Kawartha. The OPP, Peterborough Detachment has an extended service office located at the Emergency Services headquarters, 10193 Highway # 28, Apsley, ON. North Kawartha Community Policing is also located here. Please note that they do not maintain regular hours at this office.

OPP Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Police Services Board

The Police Services Board is responsible for managing the overall relationship between the Ontario Provincial Police and the Township of North Kawartha. The Board is made up of a member of Council, a member appointed by the Community and a member appointed by the Province. The Board has a four year term and meets in the North Kawartha Council Chambers a minimum of four times each year.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend to bring forward any issues they may have.

Current Members

Mayor Carolyn Amyotte - Chair

Shane Paquette - Vice-Chair, Community Appointment

Bob Burns - Provincial Appointee

Kelly Picken - Secretary, Deputy Clerk

Please see the Agendas and Minutes calendar; Boards and Committees - Police Services Board for the agendas and minutes.

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