Rent a Facility

To rent a North Kawartha facility, please Contact us at 705-656-4445.

Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

There are rules we require you to follow when renting a facility. They are listed on the back of our Rental Agreement.

Events Serving Alcohol

Special Occasion Permit (SOP)

All Community Centres do not have a permanent Liquor Licence. If you are wishing to serve alcohol at your event, you need a Special Occasion Permit (SOP) from the LCBO. These SOP's can be obtained from the LCBO 30 days in advance of your event. We must be provided a copy of your SOP.

If you are renting from us and serving alcohol, you must use bartenders who have Smart Serve Training and follow all other rules.

Liability Insurance

If you are renting from us and serving alcohol, you must obtain a minimum of $2 million ($5 million preferred) alcohol liability insurance with the Township of North Kawartha named as an "Additional Insured". We require a copy of this prior to your event.

Municipal Alcohol Policy

We have rules and guidelines that must be followed for all events serving alcohol. Please contact Gary Geraldi at 705-656-4445 ext 252 for a list of the rules.

Events with Lotteries and/or Games of Chance

If you are renting a facility and will have fundraising games planned or lottery type tickets sold, you may require a Lottery Licence issued by the Lottery Licence Officer at the Township. A lottery can be defined as paying for a chance to win a prize. Charitable and non-profit organizations may be eligible for a licence. Rules for lotteries are determined by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission and you can review the Lottery Licencing Policy Manual or talk to the Lottery Licence Officer at the North Kawartha Municipal Office. Please allow 30 days for your eligibility and lottery application review and potential approval. A copy of the Lottery Licence must be posted at your event.


Note: Add HST (13%) to all rates 

North Kawartha Community Centre Banquet Hall

North Kawartha Community Centre Multi Purpose Room

North Kawartha Community Centre Arena Surface 

Wilson Park Community Centre Banquet Hall

Wilson Park

Glen Alda Community Centre Banquet Hall

Monday to Thursday







Friday to Sunday (for a maximum of 4 hours)

$60.00/hr +

$10.00/hr for use of Kitchen and/or Bar



$40.00/hr +

$5.00/hr for use of Kitchen and/or Bar



Flat rate (up to 8 hours, day or night)

$300.00 +

$50.00 for use of Kitchen and/or Bar



For various Special Events (Excluding Dances)

$200.00 +

$25.00 for use of Kitchen and/or Bar


(Excludes Tennis Courts)

$125.00 +

$10.00 for use of Kitchen and/or Bar

Sports Activities (no ice)




Primetime Rate




Non-Primetime Rate (Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm)




Apsley Youth Sports




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