Roads Department and Sidewalks

The Township of North Kawartha Roads Department provides a wide range of maintenance services on 159 kilometers of gravel and hard surface roads. The focus of the Roads Department is to provide a safe, efficient and cost effective road network.

Sidewalks in the Township are located on Burleigh Street in the village of Apsley. There is approximately 400 meters of sidewalk. Please note the Township does not have water or sewer services.

Roads Department Equipment includes:

  • 2 Pickup Trucks
  • 1 - Three ton dump truck
  • 5 Tandem Dump Trucks
  • 2 Graders
  • 1 Loader
  • 1 Backhoe
  • 1 Bulldozer
  • 1 Tractor/Mower
  • 16 tonne excavator with brush cutting head

Our services include grading, graveling, applying dust control, sweeping, ditching, brushing, grass cutting, snow plowing and sanding. All operations originate out of our Roads Garage located on Highway 28 in Apsley. All road construction work is performed by Roads Department staff or by area contractors under Municipal supervision.

If you have an emergency concerning a roads issue, please call 705-926-0150 for the 24 hour, 7 day per week Emergency Answering Service. If it is not an emergency please call the Roads Garage at 705-656-4796 or extension 243.

Road Listing

View the North Kawartha Roads Listing which contains all roads located in the Township.

For further information about a road please call the Roads Department at 705-656-4796 or extension 243.

Entrance Permits

An Entrance Permit is required to get access onto property that is adjacent to any Municipal road. This permit is required before any new building permits are issued for the property in question. Entrance Permit Applications can be accessed through our website or picked up at the Township Office located at 280 Burleigh Street, Apsley during operating hours.

Entrance Permit By-Law # 50/09 


Entrance Permit Application Form


There is a fee of $125.00 for a permanent entrance or $50.00 for a temporary entrance. Once the Entrance Permit Application is completed and submitted with the payment, the Roads Superintendent will contact the property owner/applicant to arrange a site visit before final approval is given. The property owner will receive a copy of the finalized Entrance Permit once it has been approved and paid in full.

If you have questions about submitting your application please email the Accounting Assistant or call 705-656-4445 extension 235. If you have questions about the entrance itself or your property please email the Roads Superintendent or call 705-656-4445 extension 243.

Entrance Permits Off County Roads

Applications for entrances off of County roads within The Township of North Kawartha are issued through The County of Peterborough Public Works Department. For more information or to get an Entrance Permit for a County road, visit the County of Peterborough Public Works.
Parking Regulations

Parking on Roadways
Parking on Roadways

The Township of North Kawartha passed a comprehensive Parking By-Law #50/08 in 2008. This by-law was passed to help reduce traffic congestion in the village of Apsley and to assist in the delivery of road maintenance and Emergency Services to our residents and visitors.

This by-law forbids the parking of any vehicles on any Township road or right of way regardless of the season. The winter snow plow turnarounds are particular problem areas. If the snow plow can't get turned around, the road will not be plowed. These areas have been signed as a reminder to place vehicles off the roadway and into driveways or other cleared areas.

The Municipality will be enforcing The County of Peterborough No Parking By-Law and its Amendment within the village of Apsley only.

Your vehicle may be tagged or towed away if you are in violation of either by-law.

Pay Parking Tickets

For questions or concerns regarding parking tickets, please contact the Roads Superintendent through email or by phone at 705-656-4445 extension 243.

Payment Options

Early Voluntary Payment:

Payment must be received by the Township of North Kawartha within ten (10) business days of the date of issue of the Parking Infraction Notice (ticket).

Payment Within 15 Days of the Date of Infraction:

Pay the set fine shown on the front of the Parking Infraction Notice if you do not wish to dispute the charge and you enclose the set fine indicated.

Trial Option:

Notice of Intention to Appear in Court:

You intend to appear in court to enter a plea at the time and date set for trial or;

You intend to challenge the evidence of the officer who completed the Parking Infraction Notice.


Payment Methods and Location for Payment

Parking tickets issued by The Township of North Kawartha for North Kawartha or Peterborough County infractions issued under Parking Regulation By-Law #50/08 may be paid in person via cheque, cash, or debit or paid by mail via cheque.

Cheques can be made out to the Township of North Kawartha. Please write the number of the Parking Infraction Notice on the front of your cheque or money order for tracking purposes.

Payments can be made at, or mailed to:

The Township of North Kawartha Municipal Office
P.O. Box 550
280 Burleigh Street
Apsley, Ontario
K0L 1A0


Please contact the Accounting Assistant or call 705-656-4445 extension 235 if you have questions about your payment options.

Winter Parking Restrictions

The Township of North Kawartha No Parking By-Law # 50/08 strictly prohibits parking on any Municipal road or right of way. Parking restrictions are in place to lessen traffic congestion and help in the delivery of road maintenance and emergency services.

The turnaround areas for the snowplows are particular problem areas. If the snowplow cannot turn around, the road will not be cleared of snow. These areas have signs as a reminder to place vehicles off the roadway and into driveways or other cleared areas.


Current Capital Projects
Signage (911 Numbering)

The Roads Department is responsible for all signage along Township roads . This also includes outdoor advertisement and directional signs. Economic development is vital to the health of local businesses. There are various private road signs that can be purchased through the Roads Department. Please contact the Roads Superintendent via email or by phone at 705-656-4445 extension 243 for more information.

Civic Address Signs

The Civic Address System (911 numbering) is administered through the Roads Department.

Once a 911 sign is installed, it becomes the responsibility of the property owner to keep the sign in good repair, upright and visible at the bottom of your driveway at all times. If the original sign is damaged you can request a new sign at a cost of $25.00 (as per Fees and Charges By-law # 2015-128) by completing the 911 Sign Request Form. New houses or lots that require a new 911 number/civic address can have them installed for the first time at no cost by the Roads Department.

If you require a civic address sign please complete the 911 Sign Request Form. If you have any questions please email the Accounting Assistant or Roads Superintendent, or call 705-656-4445.

Ontario Provincial Police and Emergency Services remind all homeowners to keep your own civic address sign upright, visible and clear of snow or any other obstruction. It is vital to ensure this sign is visible.


911 Sign Request Form
Spring and Summer Maintenance

All Municipal roads and County roads have half-load restrictions in place from March 1 to May 1 each year except for County Road # 620. Load and half load restrictions help protect the road system from heavy truck traffic when the frost is leaving the ground and the roads soften.

All Municipal gravel roads receive grading and culvert replacement during the spring and early summer. It's during this time of year that any maintenance gravel is put down before calcium chloride is applied to select roads to help with dust control. Any paved and surface treated roads get patching repairs as needed. Damaged guard rails and damaged signs are also replaced. During the early summer month's roadside grass cutting and weed removal around guard rails is done.

Street and Sidewalk Sweeping
Winter Sand Removal

Each spring the Municipality sweeps and removes sand and salt from sidewalks, parking lots, and roadways that has accumulated over the winter months. By doing so, the amount of salt and sand that flows into ground water catch basins is reduced. This further helps with dust control in the village and helps eliminates slips and falls on sidewalks and parking lots.

Traffic Studies
Traffic Volumes and Future Construction Needs

Roughly every 10 years the Township hires an engineering firm to complete a Roads Needs Study. As part of this study traffic counts and trends are done on certain Township roads. Based on these numbers, future construction needs can be planned and prioritized to improve motor vehicle trips throughout the Township in a cost effective and efficient manner. These future needs can then be budgeted long-term while taking advantage of any infrastructure funding that may become available. These studies also identify areas of the road system that may have questionable safety components.

Winter Maintenance and Snow Removal

Snow plow

Depending on the weather conditions, winter road patrol is performed seven days a week from October 1 until April 1. The Municipal roads system is broken into four routes with each route taking roughly 8 to 10 hours to plow once.

Ontario Provincial Police and Emergency Services remind all homeowners when clearing driveways of snow not to pile the snow onto the travelled portions of the road or highway. It is unlawful and hazardous.

Sand (with salt incorporated) is available to Township of North Kawartha residents, to help you keep your property safe in the winter.   No commercial businesses or contractors please.

You can find sand available at our Roads Department located at 10230 Highway 28, Apsley.  There is a pile placed to the north side of the entrance. (December 2020) 

Please note that salt is not available.

Do not forget to bring your pail and shovel!

Stay safe, stay visible! Please keep your lights on while collecting sand and yield to Township staff and vehicles.

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