Roads Questions and Answers

 Where do I call to report a tree down?
 Call the Roads Department at 705-656-4796 or extension 243 for Township and County roads.  We do not remove trees from private roads
 Who do I call regarding Highway 28 concerns?
 Please call the Ministry of Transportation (613) 332-3220
 Who do I call regarding Peterborough County Roads; County Road 620, 504, 56, 54 and 52.
 Please call Peterborough County (705)742-4862, extension 6102 - after hours please call (705)742-6823
 Where do I call to report an emergency situation concerning roads?
 If you have an emergency concerning a road please call 705-926-0150 for the Roads Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If it is not an emergency please call 705-656-4796 extension 243.
 How do I get a civic address (911 number) for my property?
 The Roads Department is responsible for overseeing the civic address system. Please view the Roads Signage drop down on our Roads page for further information.
 When are load restrictions put in place and removed?
 Load restrictions are in place from March 1st until May 1st on all Municipal roads and County roads except County Road # 620.
 I think that my mailbox has been damaged by a snow plow, what do I do?
 If your mailbox has been damaged in the winter by a snow plow, the Roads Department will repair or replace the mailbox at no cost. Please contact the Roads Department at 705-656-4796 or extension 243 for further information.



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