Scrap Metal and Tires

Scrap metal

Scrap Metal consists of: appliances, BBQs, hot water tanks, an oil tank (if the oil has been completely removed and there is no residue), etc. Scrap metal is free of charge.

Accepted at both transfer stations.


Under the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) Program, North Kawartha residents may take the following used tires to either transfer station, free of charge.

  • Passenger and light truck tires
  • Medium truck tires (50 kg or less)
  • Off road tires (33” or less rim size)

Used tires from Unregistered Collectors, or used tires not listed above will not be accepted. If you are bringing more than 10 tires in one trip, please contact 705-872-7867 to make arrangements.

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