Service Delivery Review

Executive Summary

In December 2020, through a competitive process, North Kawartha selected Strexer Harrop to complete a third-party Service Delivery Review (SDR). Strexer Harrop worked with staff using Lean Six Sigma tools to complete the SDR. Lean Six Sigma is an internationally recognized, project-based methodology that focuses on eliminating nonvalue added work and errors, reducing variation and increasing efficiency and effectiveness of processes both financially and operationally. The result is improved service delivery providing better value for the customer.

Feedback from the public and stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive; there were no immediate ‘red flags’ that had to be addressed.

Working with staff, Strexer Harrop created process maps and jointly discussed ideas for potential improvements for more than 30 different processes.

The recommendations in this Service Delivery Review have a total five year savings of $309,602 and additional revenue potential of $302,144 before expenses. Several recommendations require further investigation for their savings/revenue opportunities.

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