Severing Property

A land severance (also known as a consent) is the division of your land, which creates separate parcels. The Official Plan of North Kawartha has specific requirements and/or conditions for land severances. Being approved for a land severance depends on lot size, compatibility, public and private roads, conformity to the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law, water supply, sewage disposal, etc. The Peterborough County Land Division is the approval authority for a Severance Application and where you submit the application.


Before applying for a land severance, you should contact the township office to see if your land qualifies to be severed.

It is recommended that you have a Preliminary Severance Review completed by the County Planning Department to determine if the land qualifies to be severed. This is done by filing a Severance Proposal Form, which determines if the severance conforms to the County Official Plan. This review will tell you whether or not Peterborough County will support your proposal before you submit a formal application with Land Division. Along with the completed form you will need to submit a sketch showing your property, surrounding properties and the proposed area of severance (with its size and relation to other properties). Make sure all the information required is submitted with the proposal form, if any information is missing, it will cause a delay in the application process.

If the Severance Proposal report from the Peterborough County is favourable for a land severance, you can then proceed to file a formal application to the Peterborough County Land Division.

Formal Application

The Severance Proposal Form and the Formal Application for Consent (severance) are both available on the Peterborough County website. It is also available at both the county office and the municipal office. Attached to the application is an instruction sheet describing the information that needs to be submitted with your application and the fees required by the County for processing your application. Make sure that the application is complete before submitting it to prevent any delays in the application process. 

Processing of Your Application

Upon receipt of your completed application, the County Land Division will circulate copies to various ministries, agencies and the Township for comments. When all comments have been returned, the County Planning Department will do a final planning report to determine whether or not the consent should be approved. 


The Decision with respect to your application for severance will be made in one of two ways: 

For all straight-forward applications, the Director of Planning has the authority to grant approval. 

For all disputed applications - a hearing of the Peterborough County Land Division Committee will be needed and the decision lies with the Committee - you will be notified of the time and date of the hearing. It is advisable for you, or your agent, to be present at this hearing. 

The County Land Division will make their decision based on information provided to them by the Township of North Kawartha, other authorities, ministries, other professionals, adjacent property owners and any other interested parties, where appropriate. 

A Notice of the Decision will be mailed to you and to anyone else who requested to be notified of the decision. The Notice of Decision will set out the last day of appeal against the decision and the expiry date of your approval. It will also set out any conditions, which have been imposed on the approval. It is necessary for you to fulfill these conditions prior to the one-year expiry date stated on your Notice of Decision.

The secretary-treasurer of the Peterborough County Land Division Committee or the Township office will be able to further instruct you with respect to the fulfillment of the conditions.

If you require any information with respect to severance procedures within the Township you may contact:

Building/Planning Department

Ph: 705-656-4445,  Ext 237 
Fax: 705-656-4446,


Junior Planner

Ph: 705-656-4445, Ext. 265
Fax: 705-656-4446


Secretary Treasurer of The Peterborough County Land Division Committee

705-743-0380, ext 310

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