Shoreline Road Allowance Applications

Shoreline Road Allowance Applications

The Township offers for sale the 66 foot shoreline road allowance only to the property owner whose land is separated from the lake by this allowance. Please note that if there is a portion between the 66 foot shoreline road allowance and the property owner's lot that is owned by the Crown (Ministry of Natural Resources), this portion must be purchased through the Ministry of Natural Resources prior to proceeding with the municipal shoreline road allowance purchase. This is usually evident at the time the survey is completed. It is strongly recommended that the municipality review any existing surveys or new draft surveys to determine if they are satisfactory for the application.

For more information contact Building/Planning Assistant at 705-656-4445 Ext. 264 or 800-755-6931.

By-law #2019-079 outlines the policies and procedures for the purchase of Shoreline Road Allowances.

The Shoreline Road Allowance Policy and Application is required to process the purchase.

As per the Shoreline Road Allowance Policy, the Township of North Kawartha must make the following notification:

Notification of Adjacent Landowners and the Public 

The Township will send a copy of the public notice to the adjacent property owners and applicant telling them of the date of the public hearing. The public notice will also be published in this location on the Township website and posted in the Township Office at least two weeks before the Council meeting when the closure by-law will be considered. Concerns may be sent directly to the Township and written submissions will be given to Council for the Public Hearing. This information will then be passed along by Township staff at the public hearing. Anyone is welcome to come to the public hearing. Acting reasonably and under the requirements of the law, the Council of the Township shall determine the merit of any objection. In the event of a disagreement between adjacent property owners over the location of the survey line or other such matters, the Council of the Township shall provide the final decision.

Notice of upcoming Public Hearings shall appear in this section of the Township website.

Notice of Public Meeting Regarding an Application to Purchase Shoreline Road Allowance, Tuesday, January 19, 2021,  9:30 a.m. Township of North Kawartha Council Chambers, 280 Burleigh Street, Apsley - During the COVID-19 pandemic, regular meetings of Council are being held electronically
Pt Rdal in front of Lot 19, Concession 7, Chandos, Pt 1, Pl 45R17002, Township of North Kawartha, being part of PIN 28271-0775 (LT)
Pt Rdal in front of Lot 8, Concession 7, Chandos, Pts 1 & 2, Pl 45R17036, Township of North Kawartha, being part of PIN 28270-0443 (LT)

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