Site Plan Control and Approval


On May 16, 2017, Council passed by-law 2017-049 imposing a mandatory consultation with the Township's Planning Department prior to formal submission of any planning application for which the Township is the Approval Authority.  The Request for Pre-consultation- Zoning By-law Amendments and Site Plan Application must be completed and a meeting scheduled with the Township's Junior Planner prior to a Zoning By-Law Amendment Application for a Site Plan Approval Application being submitted for processing.

Request for Pre-consultation - Zoning By-law Amendments & Site Plan Application

The purpose of these guidelines is to outline the requirements for the preparation and

submission of site plans and other related drawings and documents, and explain the site plan approval process. 

Site Plan Control Agreement

As a condition of the approval of the site plans and drawings, the Township will require the applicant to enter into a Site Plan Control Agreement. The Agreement outlines the conditions of approval, the works and actions required, and the required guarantees of performance. The approved plans and drawings form part of the Agreement. This Agreement will be in a form suitable for registration.

The Chief Building Official cannot issue building permits until the Agreement is executed by the Applicants, a by-law passed and registered on title and the proposal fully conforms to the approved drawings (and to other applicable Codes and By-laws).

Formal application, including the payment of the necessary application fees, must be made to the Township where approval is being sought for plans and drawings.

Submission Requirements

  1. Completed application form (attached)
  2. Application processing fee (paid in full).
  3. A certificate of ownership.
  4. Legal Survey and/or legal description of the property, showing any easements, rights-of-way, existing structures, features, adjacent lots, etc. and including a calculation of the area of the property (The certificate of an Ontario Land Surveyor is preferred).
  5. The following plans and drawings in sufficient detail to fully explain the proposal. All plans and drawings must be prepared in metric.

a) Site Plan (4 copies) to indicate:

  1. Dimensions and area of the property being developed indicating any road widenings, easements, etc. required;
  2. Proposed staging of the development of the property and of the construction of the buildings;
  3. Location and Building Code Classification of all buildings and structures, both existing and proposed, indicating all building dimensions, setbacks, separations, building entrances, (both pedestrian and vehicular), projections, canopies, equipment housings, dust collectors, masts, ground signs, building height, etc.;
  4. Location and area of all separate uses within the building, the location of firewalls, and the size of areas intended for different, accessory or complementary exterior use, such as open storage yards etc.;
  5. Vaults, central storage and collection areas and other facilities and enclosures for the storage of garbage and other waste material;
  6. Access ramps, driveways, etc., indicating widths, curve radii, medians, curbs, steps, etc., and the proposed direction of traffic flow where applicable;
  7. Vehicular parking areas and stalls, dimensioned and numbered and indicating any areas to be assigned to visitors, tenants, employees, etc.;
  8. Vehicular loading docks and doors indicating fully dimensioned truck parking spaces, maneuvering areas and clearances;
      1. Location of all signs and any lighting thereof;

      2. Location and direction of exterior lighting;
      3. Building on adjacent lots and generally the existing or proposed improvements in the adjacent yards and mutual features, such as driveways, parking, etc.;
      4. Location of street hydrants, hydro poles, drainage ditches, catchbasins, etc., adjacent to the subject property;
      5. Location and size of water services, sewage disposal services and hydro services to be constructed on site;
      6. Statistical summary of development perimeters in accordance with zoning regulations including the following, preferably in chart form:
    • Lot area
    • Building coverage
    • Total gross floor area of proposed buildings and existing buildings to be retained
    • Floor area on each level including basement
    • Floor areas of component uses
    • Total usable floor area
    • Total number of parking spaces proposed
    • Number of parking spaces for visitors, tenants, and employees, etc.
    • Total site area to be landscaped including walkways, courts, etc.


b) Grading/Drainage Plan (4 copies) to indicate: (Note: may be included on Site Plan depending on scope of development)

  1. Existing and proposed contours and/or spot elevations, benchmarks, andelevations on roads and adjacent properties (7.5 metres beyond site);
  2. Base floor elevations of proposed buildings and structures;
  3. Elevations of all relevant topographic features (roads, curbs, ditches,drainage outfalls, etc.);
  4. Direction of drainage flow and location of all drainage discharge points including roof drainage and parking lot drains;
  5. Supporting data and calculations with respect to storm drainage flow volumes and capacity of existing outfalls;
  6. Any other information required to fully describe the project grading and drainage;


c) Landscaping Plan (4 copies) to indicate: (Note: may be combined with site plan depending on scope of development)

  1. Areas for landscaping, sodding, seeding, walkways, sidewalks, courts, entrances, walls and fences, etc., showing trees (including all existing trees and indicating those to be cut down), ditches, etc.;
  2. Location of existing plant material;
  3. Location, species and size of existing plant material to be preserved;
  4. Location, species and size of new plant material to be added;
  5. Berming, fencing and screening details, where applicable;
  6. Any other information required to fully describe the project landscaping.


d) Elevation Drawings (4 copies) to indicate: (required for all exterior walls in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings)

    1. Front, side and rear elevations showing finished grade, floor and roof elevations;
    2. Type and colour of exterior building materials;
    3. Entrances, windows;
    4. Height of buildings;
    5. Signage and exterior lighting;
    6. Any other information required to fully describe the project;

Notes: All plans and drawings should include metric terminology. All plans shall be minimum scare of 1:400 (metric) and the elevation plans shall be a minimum scale of 1:200 (metric). Certain of the above plans may be combined provided all required information is adequately and legibly displayed.

Site Plan Approval Process

The site plan approval process will normally consist of the following steps:

1. Township Staff receive the completed site plan application form and the applicable processing fee.

2. A preliminary review of the application and site plans is completed by staff to ensure that all required information is provided (See Section C, "Submission Requirements").

3. Notice of the application and a copy of the site plans is provided to Council for information and direction.

4. A copy of the site plans may be circulated to the Township Planner and/or Engineer for detailed review, if deemed appropriate by Council.

5. The Clerk may, at the direction of Council, provide notice of the application to any relevant agency or utility deemed to have an interest in the development proposal and abutting property owners for comment.

6. The Planner and/or Engineer, if involved, will submit a report to Council based on the detailed review of the site plans.

7. Minor applications of a straightforward nature may be reviewed by staff, with a corresponding report submitted to Council.

8. At Council's discretion, the Township Solicitor may be requested to review and comment on the proposed site plan agreement prior to execution.

9. Council, if satisfied with the site plans, may pass a by-law to authorize the signing and full execution of a site plan agreement, which will then be registered on title.

10. Building permits may be issued upon proper application following the execution and registration of the site plan agreement and fulfillment of any conditions (including, the provision of a letter of credit by the applicant).

11. Regular work inspections will be completed by staff or engineer to ensure development is proceeding in full compliance with the approved site plans. A clearance letter will be issued at such time as the work is completed to the satisfaction of the Township.

Notice: For minor development proposals, Council may, at their discretion, accept simplified site plans which adequately describe the proposal. Township staff will assist in identifying guideline items which will apply to the individual development.

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