Waste Site Pass

Each year the Township issues a Waste Site Pass that you will receive in your February Property Tax Statement. The Pass allows residents access to the 2 Transfer Stations. Without the Pass, you will be denied access to the Transfer Stations and the opportunity to participate in our Waste Management Programs. When received, you must complete the Pass with your name and address to be valid. Passes expire at the end of May of the following year, allowing you time to receive your new Pass in the mail.

Each Pass consists of 2 tear-off ends that have 10 "punch holes" each for bag tags. This allows you to take a total of 20 bags of household garbage to the Transfer Stations at no charge. One tear-off end also has a punch hole for free disposal of one appliance containing a refrigerant, such as a refrigerator with Freon. The punch holes on the Pass may be exchanged for bag tags to be used for additional bags of garbage with the Curbside Collection Program. You may exchange the punch holes for bag tags at the Municipal Office, or at either Transfer Station. Additional bag tags are $1 each. 

For your convenience, the middle of each Pass has a list of both the summer and winter Transfer Station hours, as well as listing acceptable items at each of the Transfer Stations.

Replacement Passes may be obtained at the Municipal Office in 2 ways;

  1. Free, but all garbage and appliance punch holes will be removed. This Pass will then still allow you access to the Transfer Stations to participate in our other programs, and buy bag tags as required.
  2. A complete pass can be obtained for $20. This pass has a $40 value as there are $20 worth of bag tags, and a free appliance with a refrigerant, which is $20.

For further information on the Waste Site Pass, please contact 705-656-4445 ext 252 or 705-656-4445 ext 0.

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