Current Council Agenda

Township of North Kawartha


Regular Meeting of Council

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 9:30 a.m.

North Kawartha Council Chambers
280 Burleigh Street, Apsley, ON

Session No. 2019 – 10 – 15

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Notification to Members of the Public

Public meetings are audio and video recorded and made available on the Township YouTube channel conditional upon any technical difficulties that may be encountered.

Public meeting minutes are made available on the Township Website and may be circulated throughout the Township and/or to parties requesting a copy of the minutes. 

Anyone who attends and speaks publicly at a meeting of the Township of North Kawartha may have their name and any opinions they may express recorded electronically and in the meeting minutes.

Call to Order and Welcome

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

Adoption of the Agenda

Statutory Public Meetings (9:30 a.m.)

Shoreline / Road Allowance Applications

  1. Application: (Rasberry ) SRA
    Property Description: Pt Rdal in front of Lot 6, Concession 8, Chandos, Pt 12, Pl 45R4282, Township of North Kawartha, being PIN 28270-0495 (LT)
    Property Address / Roll:  010-202-21200, 733 Paw Road
    Staff Report

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park regulated parkland access points winter maintenance (plowing) (9:30 am)

Presentations / Deputations / Petitions

Chris Kawalek, Community Development Program Manager & Seniors Portfolio, City of Peterborough (10:00 am)
Social Services Update; presentation

Rebecca Morgan Quin, Manager of Housing Services, City of Peterborough
Housing and Homelessness; presentation (10:15 am)

Tracie Bertrand (Peterborough and Kawartha Economic Development – PKED) and Peter Neilsen (Peterborough County) (10:30 am)
Tourism Wayfinding Phase 2; presentation

Peterborough County Report
Verbal report from Mayor Amyotte and / or Deputy Mayor Whelan

Crowe Valley Conservation Authority Report
Verbal report from Councillor O’Shea

Economic Development Cooperative Report
Verbal report from Councillor McLellan

Adoption of the Minutes of Previous Meeting(s) of Council
Special Meeting for the purpose of Strategic planning held on September 24, 2019
Special Meeting for the purpose of Municipal Road Tour held on September 27, 2019
Regular meeting held on October 1, 2019

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Consent Agenda
(noncontroversial items that may be acted upon by a single motion)

  1. Monthly Activity Reports

a)    Building / Planning Department

b)    Emergency Services Department

c)    Parks and Recreation / Waste Department

d)    Roads Department

  1. Town of Penetanguishene, October 2, 2019, resolution regarding Municipal Amalgamation.
  2. Mayor Fred Eisenberger, City of Hamilton, September 30, 2019, City of Hamilton endorsement of the City of Kitchener resolution respecting the lobbying of the Federal Government to review the regulations related to consumer packaging on single-use wipes to remove the word flushable
  3. City of St. Catherines, October 8, 2019, Resolution to support the implementation of a pilot project to provide free menstrual products at City Facilities.
  4. Otonabee Conservation, October 8, 2019, Nomination for Municipal Representative from the Otonabee-Peterborough Protection Area for the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Committee.
  5. East Ferris Municipality, October 8, 2019, Resolution for conferences such as ROMA, OGRA, AMO, FONOM, NeORA to include a child care program during their conferences.

Staff Reports (requiring action)


1.  Winter Maintenance of Regulated Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park Access Points (Anstruther, Long Lake, Loon Call Lake,
     Wolf Lake)

  • Bill 100; An Act respecting the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site Park
  • GIS Maps Park Access Points

Building / Planning

  1. Report on Zone Amendment Application #ZA-32-19; attachments(11:00 tentative)
  2. Site Plan Agreement 1536-020-002-26700; report, map and agreement
  3. Report on Zone Amendment Application #ZA-21-19; pictures, attachments

Emergency Services

  1. Emergency Services Mini Pumper Tender Results

Parks & Recreation / Waste

  1. County/Township Recycling Contract Change

Reports from Boards and Committees

  1. North Kawartha Library Board Minutes for meeting held on August 27, 2019

New Business and Unfinished Business
(includes Notice of Motion and Announcements)

Correspondence (requiring action)

  1. Correspondence regarding Kawartha Highland Provincial Park Access Points Plowing;
  • McCudden, V., Kelcey, F., Walsh, B., Dobbin, R./Ferguson, B., Van Beek, G., Park, L., Waters, M./Tomlinson, M., Clarke, M. & J., Yates, J., Smith, S., Thorn, S., Allan, L., Olynyk, C., Durdy, W., Gallagher, J and C., Gallagher-Unhola, H., Allan, L., Brown, T., Stakeholder Groups of the Kawartha Highlands (Meridew, Rick), Dyck, M., Olynky, S., Cliff, J., Thorn, S, Gallagher, J., Zach, K., Durdy, B., Thorn, J., Milburn, S., Eidnes, I and J., Milburn, S., Genco, F., Hicks, D. & K., Allan, L., Cavendish Area Lake Association (CALA),
  • Correspondence provided to Council previously; October 1, 2019, September 17, 2019, September 3, 2019

   2.  Bulmer, H., October 9, 2019 Riverview Park Maintenance

Closed Session (if applicable)



By-law to stop up, to close and sell to the abutting land owners or their respective nominees those lands and premises more particularly described in Schedule “A” annexed hereto (Pt Rdal in front of Lt 6, Con 8, Chandos, designated as Part 12, Plan 45R4282, North Kawartha).

By-law of the Corporation of the Township of North Kawartha under the provisions of Section 34 of the Planning Act R.S.O. 1990, chap. P.13, as amended, to amend Zoning By-Law #26-2013, with respect to certain lands described as Concession 14, Part Lot 25 in the geographic area of Burleigh, in the County of Peterborough, Roll #020-002-26700; Schedule A

Being a by-law of the Corporation of the Township of North Kawartha to authorize the execution of a Site Plan Agreement between Dennis Mark Stoakes and Marion Lee Minty and the Corporation of the Township of North Kawartha; Schedule A

Confirmatory By-Law


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