Current Council Agenda

Township of North Kawartha


Regular Meeting of Council

October 4, 2022 at 9:30 a.m.

Meeting being held electronically.

Meeting ID: 859 7168 6518
Passcode: 533043

Or you may join by phone: 1- 647-374- 4685 or 1- 647-558-0588

Session No. 2022 – 10 – 04

Requests for accessible formats or for a copy of any document listed on the Agenda but not attached may be obtained by contacting the Municipal Clerk

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Notification to Members of the Public

Regular meetings of Council are being held electronically. Meetings will continue to be posted on the Township YouTube channel as soon as possible after the meeting for public viewing.

Although possible for members of the public to “attend” a meeting electronically, we would encourage you to communicate with Council by forwarding any comments regarding an agenda item in writing via email to the Deputy Clerk.

Anyone who speaks publicly at a meeting of the Township of North Kawartha may have their name and any opinions they may express recorded electronically and in the meeting minutes.

Call to Order and Welcome
Land Acknowledgement
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof
Adoption of the Agenda

Introduction of New Staff

Julia Driedzic, Building Department Assistant

Janine Cik, Junior Planner

Keely-Anne Johnson, Secretary

Statutory Public Meetings and Adoption of Planning By-laws (9:30 a.m.)
  1. Application: ZA-28-22 (Ritchie) – previously deferred
    Property Description:  Concession 8, Part Lot 25, Chandos Ward
    Property Address / Roll: 37 Pine Point Road, 1536-010-003-158
    Staff Report, Site Plan, CVCA, August 9, 2022 Report

    Option 1 or Option 2
    By-law to amend Zoning By-Law #26-2013, of the Corporation of the Township of North Kawartha, with respect to certain lands described as Concession 8 Part Lot 25, in the geographic area of Chandos, in the County of Peterborough County, Roll # 1536-010-003-15800

Presentations / Deputations / Petitions

James Falloon, Senior Graphic Designer and and Brandy Bignall, Account Director, Habit Creations Inc. (9:45)
Branding Asset; Report and Presentation (to be provided)
Peterborough County Report
Verbal report from Mayor Amyotte and / or Deputy Mayor Whelan

Crowe Valley Conservation Authority Report
Verbal report from Councillor O’Shea

Economic Development Verbal Reports
Councillor McLellan, Liaison to Economic Development Cooperative

Adoption of the Minutes of Previous Meeting(s) of Council

Regular meeting held on September 20, 2022

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Consent Agenda

(noncontroversial items that may be acted upon by a single motion)

  1. Township of Selwyn, Notice of Complete Application for an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-Law Amendment and Agency Circulation memo
  2. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, September 26, 2022, Public Consultation in the Land Use Planning Process
  3. Municipality of Grey Highlands, September 26, 2022, Resolution 2022-571 re: Increased Speeding Fines
  4. Neil Freeman, September 13, 2022, Proposed Rogers Tower and Lease Agreement – Jack Lake South
  5. Neil Freeman, September 19, 2022, North Kawartha Procedure By-Law – Discretion for Mayor and CAO to Withhold Public Correspondence Directed to Council
  6. Ministry of Transportation, September 15, 2022, MTO intends to establish a no-parking zone on Highway 28 100 m south and 200 m north of Butler Drive in Woodview, Township of North Kawartha, Peterborough County.

Staff Reports (requiring action)

Building / Planning

  1. Report on Bill 109 – More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022, Update; Report, June 7th Report and Draft Official Plan Amendment
  2. Consent Application B-83-22 (Dunsby-Conlin)
    Property Description:  Concession 10, Part Lot 27, Chandos
    Property Address / Roll: Montgomery Road, 1536-010-003-28300
    Staff Report, Attachments, CVCA
  3. Housekeeping By-Law; Report and Draft By-Law

Parks and Recreation / Waste

  1. Parks and Recreation 2022 Capital Reallocation
  2. Waste Department 2022 Capital Equipment Adjustment

Reports from Boards and Committees

  1. Library Board Minutes from the meeting held August 23, 2022

New Business and Unfinished Business
(includes Notice of Motion and Announcements)

Correspondence (requiring action)


Closed Session (if applicable)



(Listed in Statutory Public Meeting portion)


Council Meeting Calendar

Community Calendar

Accessibility including Request Form for Accessible Formats

Delegations and Deputations


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