Curbside Collection

Monday Garbage and Recycling Map

Thursday Garbage and Recycling Map

Pick Up Days By Road Name

  • Garbage and recycling is to be set out by 7 am the day of collection, and NOT before the day of collection.
  • Collection can occur anytime between 7 am and 7 pm on your collection day. Changes to drivers, routes, or truck challenges might cause your collection time to change, but your day will stay the same.
  • Each household is permitted 1 clear bag without a bag tag, and 2 additional clear bags with bag tags, for a total of 3 bags weekly. 
  • Please do not put loose garbage in containers.
  • Residents on private roads must ensure that roads are passable. Passable conditions shall include snowplowing, sanding and/or salting.

Missed Garbage or Recycling Collection

  • If the Contractor (Waste Connections) misses picking up your garbage, please contact Waste Connections directly at 705-742-4268, or Gary Geraldi (Director of Parks and Recreation/Waste Management) at 705-656-3619 as soon as possible. Reporting without delay will ensure that any concerns are addressed as they occur, through the use of Waste Connections' very sophisticated GPS tracking system. You may also email Gary by clicking here. In your email please be sure to include your name, address and phone number.   
  • If the Contractor (Emterra) misses emptying your recycling blue box, please contact Emterra directly at 705-742-3139, or the County of Peterborough 705-775-2737 as soon as possible. Reporting without delay will ensure that any concerns are addressed as they occur, through the use of Emterra's very sophisticated GPS tracking system.
  • If your garbage or recycling is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions, please place out at your next scheduled pick up.
  • If you missed your garbage or recycling collection, you may put a bag tag on the garbage bag and take it to the nearest transfer station, or put it out at your next collection day. Blue box recycling does not require bag tags. 

Holiday Schedules

Curbside Garbage and Recycling Collection will not be affected on Statutory Holidays. The only exceptions are if/when Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on collection days. 

North Kawartha's Curbside Collection Program

The Township of North Kawartha implemented a curbside Garbage and Recycling collection program in 2004. The Recycling Program for all eight Townships in Peterborough County, whether curbside or at the transfer stations, is administered by the County of Peterborough, in co-operation with the Township. The Township administers garbage collection, either at the curbside or in the transfer stations, and oversees servicing all roads within the Township for curbside collection. This includes Municipal, Private, and Fire Route Roads.

Garbage and Recycling is collected on the same day. Please refer to the detailed maps above, to confirm your collection date. In summary, all roads north of Long Lake Road will have both their garbage and recycling collected on Mondays. Long Lake Road and south, will have a Thursday collection day for both garbage and recycling.  

Curbside Recycling Collection Contract Q&A 

The County of Peterborough entered into a new collection contract on November 1, 2019, with the company Emterra. If you're looking for a quick summary of FAQs regarding the change in the Company providing this service (curbside recycling collection), click here.

For the most part, the sorting guidelines have remained the same since 2004, but as Emterra also operates the Sorting Facility, it is important to them that recycling is collected in blue bins and sorting guidelines followed. Recycling will only be collected from blue bins, and must be sorted, with containers in one bin, and fibres in the other. 

To further explain some of the recycling rules, collectors can more easily make out items that should not be in the recycling if they are placed loosely in the blue box, versus in a bag, that is often covered in dew or rain. The County of Peterborough does not have the costly “bag-breaking” technology at the Material Recovery Facility, which would then require staff to cut and empty bags of recycling manually. This may not seem like more than an inconvenience, but quite often things like used diapers, used medical sharps, and other hazardous waste materials are hidden in bags of recycling, resulting in health and safety risks for the workers that would have to cut open hundreds of bags every day. The only exceptions to this rule are that plastic bags can be bagged into one bag, tied up and placed in the fiber bin, and shredded paper can be bagged, tied up, and placed in the fiber bin. There is no limit to the number of blue boxes you can place out for pick up.

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